CHoSEN Educational Resources

The CHoSEN Collaborative promotes tools, educational resources and learning opportunities to all perinatal providers to improve practice related to care of substance exposed newborns and their families.

Professionals do not have to be associated with a participating CHoSEN QIC hospital.

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Quality Improvement Implementation Toolkits

For those who are implementing changes as part of the CHoSEN Collaborative’s quality improvement work or who may just be curious about the quality improvement effort, you can access relevant checklists, templates, and guidelines here.

Colorado Perinatal Substance Use Provider Toolkit

The SuPPoRT Colorado Steering Committee’s Provider Education Work Group in in the process of developing a searchable toolkit for Colorado perinatal providers–including both provider and patient resources.

Learning Opportunities

​Among hospitals caring for substance exposed newborns and their families in the Rocky Mountain Region, there has historically been significant variation in clinical and social interventions due to lack of robust scientific evidence for practices that optimise maternal and infant outcomes.

​In addition to CHoSEN QIC structured quality improvement efforts, CHoSEN aims to reduce this variation by providing ongoing remote-learning education opportunities for all perinatal providers.

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Participation in CHoSEN for Perinatal Providers
Community of Practice

Even if the local hospital isn’t able to fully participate in CHoSEN QIC, there are still opportunities for perinatal providers to improve practice and ultimately outcomes for substance exposed newborns. 

Perinatal providers are given the option to: 

  • complete self-assessment activities, 
  • review and discuss best practices through remote live learning sessions, and/or 
  • develop a strategic vision for their hospital.

A core component of provider participation is the CHoSEN ECHO series, in conjunction with ECHO Colorado. The CHoSEN Collaborative offers an interactive, web-based learning series, at no cost.

This interactive, web-based learning series offers perinatal providers and support personnel in the medical setting best practice approaches to the care of families at risk and/or impacted by prenatal substance exposure.

    The CHoSEN ECHO Series consists of eight weekly sessions over the course of two months on:


    1. SUD in Pregnant and Postpartum Women
    2. Legal Considerations 
    3. Patient Communication and Screening for Substance Use
    4. Testing and Toxicology
    5. Interfacing with the Child Welfare System
    6. Implications for Breastfeeding
    7. Implications for Neonatal Care
    8. Plans of Safe Care

    ​Participants in the CHoSEN ECHO Series have overwhelmingly shared they experienced an improved understanding of the subject matter after completing the series.

    An average of 92% shared that participation in the series made them better at their job.

    Many participants shared they planned to have more conversations with patients about substance use and to improve their communication efforts with other providers involved in their patients’ care. 

    Available to those who have already participated in the CHoSEN ECHO Series, the Prenatal Substance Exposure ECHO Community of Practice is a space for those who are currently providing care to pregnant/postpartum women and/or their infants.

    Regular connections create a space for ongoing conversations while building a professional network for continued learning and support.

    ​Participating providers and clinicians meet every month to provide feedback, support, and camaraderie to professionals doing this type of work across Colorado. In each meeting, different individuals or groups have a chance to share successes and challenges they may be experiencing. ​

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